Brave Pets

Bundy is a Rat bait Toxicity survivor
Dog Female dog mammary gland cancer
Ace had surgery to untwist his twisted stomach
Borris - Hit by car survivor
Miss Kitty's Exploratory laparotomy
Ginny's Tick paralysis recovery
Dexter is Brave Snake bite Survivor
King had a surgery for the corn cob he ate
Bruce had spleen removal surgery
Lily's successful weight loss and walk again story
Dusty was suffering from paraphimosis
Tammy is a pyometra survivor
Poppy's subtotal pinnectomy - ear removal
Tank has immune-mediated hemolytic anaemia (IMHA)
Pretzel had lots of pus
Maggie ate a snail bait
Koby had 11 stones
Chocco was vomiting for almost two years