Fought off an infection and collapsed lung

We see our fair share of brave pets on a daily basis, and Billy is certainly no exception.

Billy was brought to our clinic by his family who had noticed his lack of appetite, lethargy and difficulty breathing. Our team made a rapid assessment, and suspected that he was suffering from an accumulation of fluid surrounding his lungs.
X-rays and further in-house testing confirmed our suspicions. One of Billy's lungs had collapsed, and the other was restricted due to the accumulating fluid. Furthermore, a blood clotting test and analysis of the fluid collected confirmed it was collecting due to an infection. Billy needed urgent treatment to fight off the infection and restore his breathing.
Life-saving treatment was initiated to drain over 1 LITRE of fluid from his chest, accompanied by antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy. Fluid was drained multiple times a day, and regularly flushed with a sterile solution to prevent recurrence. Our KVH vets were happy to see the fluid clearing each day, indicating treatment was working!
After several days of close monitoring and exceptional care by our team, we're pleased to report that this tough pup was able to be reunited with his family! Billy is recovering well, and was sent home with a long course of antibiotics to continue recovery surrounded by his loved ones.