Senior cat tackles a risky wrist injury
Mitsy 2

Senior cat Mitsy suffered a broken wrist after falling from a fence in her backyard.

At ten years old, her family were worried how well (and if) she'd recover from such an injury.

Initial examinations and x-rays revealed Mitsy's fall had broken her bone and forced it through the skin, causing a puncture wound that was in danger of becoming infected. An infection could easily spread to the bone, putting her at risk of amputation or even fatality. To give Mitsy the best chance of keeping her limb Dr Sharlet implemented a strict antibiotics course with regular bandage changes to keep her wound clean. A stent was strapped inside her dressing to keep her wrist properly aligned until she was fit for surgery.

After a few weeks of regular rechecks with our vets and nurses, tough girl Mitsy fought off her infection and was given the "OK" for orthopaedic surgery. Helmed by Dr Mark, the procedure involved a metal plate being secured to Mitsy's bone to reposition her wrist and allow the broken segments to fuse back together. Having not undergone surgery since her desexing as a kitten, Mitsy was given pre-anaesthetic blood checks to ensure it was safe for her to undergo anaesthesia. The surgery was a huge success, and after a few months of healing and finding her feet again Mitsy is back on the prowl!

Once unsure if she would even survive her fall, Mitsy's family are thrilled to have their girl back on all fours for many more years to come.