Bruce's brave spleen removal surgery

Bruce's loving family is to thank for saving him from danger with their quick observation.

Bruce was presented to our team with an uncharacteristic loss of appetite and lethargy. Upon physical examination, Dr Daniel detected a large mass in his abdomen. An ultrasound was performed to determine which organ was affected, and found a large spherical mass involving the spleen. This mass was identified as a tumour and required urgent removal. Without removal splenic tumours often cause massive internal bleeding, and may result in death.

Thankfully, the spleen can be surgically removed from dogs without any long term ill-effects. Bruce was rushed to surgery and with skillful work from our veterinarians, his spleen was removed. The tumour was sent for analysis at the laboratory, and was thankfully found to be benign. Bruce's life-saving surgery was a huge success, and he is now back to his normal, happy self!

If your pet shows signs of discomfort, or isn't acting like themself, it's important to investigate why. With the help of your trusted veterinarian, together we can keep your pets safe.