Bravely battled a rare immune disease

Brave little Sootie was presented to our team after suddenly losing strength in her legs and becoming unable to stand.

Dr Daniel performed thorough investigative testing, and deduced that Sootie was suffering from an unusual and uncommon condition known as polyradiculoneuritis.
The condition occurs when an animal's immune system attacks the nerves supplying their muscles, resulting in inflammation. This leads to a sudden onset of generalised weakness and paralysis. In severe cases, the respiratory muscles or muscles in the face can also be affected, which can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, in most patients, the cause of the condition is unknown.
Weakness usually begins in the hind legs and rapidly progresses to affect the front legs within a couple of days. Affected pets may be in pain or very sensitive to touch due to the inflammation of their sensory nerves. There is only one lab, located in the United States, where a blood sample can be sent for testing to completely confirm this disease. However, the disease can usually be accurately diagnosed based on the pet's medical history, a clinical examination and routine tests to rule out other causes. There is no specific treatment for this disease, and instead a supportive care routine is needed while the nerves recover. The recovery process typically takes anywhere from several weeks to several months.
Luckily for Sootie, her owners provided her wonderful, loving care during her recovery. She progressed steadily with regular monitoring, and thankfully made a full recovery! After two months Sootie is walking again and is back to her normal, bubbly self!