Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty's Exploratory Laparotomy
Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty presented to our team weak in the back legs and unable to walk, caused by a faecal impaction which led to blockage of the large bowel.

*A warning for graphic imagery*

X-rays and ultrasonography allowed us to determine that the underlying cause of the blockage was a soft tissue mass surrounding the bowel. An exploratory laparotomy revealed a strangulating lipoma, which put simply is a benign fatty tumor. This tumor was squeezing the bowel and preventing faeces from moving through, causing a potentially deadly blockage.

The mass was successfully surgically removed and weighed a total of 340g, which was about 5% of Miss Kitty's total body weight! After recovering from her surgery, Miss Kitty was once again able to walk, sit and go to the toilet normally. She's now feeling MUCH better, and is doing well back home with her family.