Ginny's Tick paralysis recovery

This is Ginny's story of bravery.

Ginny was presented to the team at Kooringal Veterinary Hospital by her concerned owner after having a frothy vomit and becoming unsteady on her feet. Following a thorough physical examination, history collection and after ruling out snake envenomation with a quick clotting test of the blood, it was suspected Ginny was suffering from deadly tick paralysis. A thorough tick search was performed and two paralysis ticks were located. She was quickly commenced on life-saving treatment with tick antivenom and other supportive treatments and made a rapid recovery. Ginny is now home with her family again after overcoming her terrifying ordeal.

You are pawsome Ginny! Keep up your spirit!

Paralysis ticks are distributed along the east coast of Australia, including pockets around Braidwood and Armidale. Envenomation is seldom encountered in western regions of NSW and usually occurs after visiting coastal areas. However, paralysis ticks can hitch a ride on your clothes, luggage or in your car and result in paralysis in your pets even when they haven't been to the coast with you! Visitors from the coast can also bring ticks with them resulting in tick paralysis in your pets. In Ginny's case, she had recently returned from a coastal holiday with her family and brought home some unwanted visitors. Symptoms of tick paralysis include dilated pupils, unsteadiness, inability to walk, rapid breathing and frothy vomits.

Tick paralysis is preventable with many extremely effective products available and it is crucial that your pets are protected when visiting the coast. It is also important to have good flea, mite and tick prevention even when not visiting the coast to prevent those pesky hitchhikers from causing paralysis in your pets. Always read the fine print on any product that is purchased as some products will advertise as being a monthly application and in much smaller and less obvious text disclose that more frequent dosing is required to protect against paralysis ticks.

Talk to one of our compassionate team members today about a complete parasite preventative plan for your pet and how to protect them against deadly paralysis ticks.