Why Vet visits are crucial during pet pregnancy

An unconventional approach to a pregnancy ultrasound, but whatever makes our patients feel more comfortable!

It's crucial to monitor the health of the mother and her developing young during pet pregnancy. We recommend an ultrasound between 3-6 weeks to confirm the pregnancy, and radiography at 6-8 weeks to see the number of babies she's carrying.
Knowing the litter size is important to the birthing process, as we will know if there are undelivered young and can medically intervene. We can also better determine potential risks to delivery, such as Uterine Inertia (the uterus no longer contracting to move the babies through the birth canal) which can be more common in large litters.
If you're planning a pet pregnancy or suspect your pet is pregnant, give us a call on (02) 69 225 375 to discuss what to expect, prepare and consider!