A notice about canine nailcare

Long nails on yourself can be a stunning look, but are downright dangerous on your pet.

Canine Nailcare

Your dog's nails can become overgrown very easily through irregular grooming schedules, growth being hidden by furry paws, infrequent walks or straight-up refusal of nail trimming from sensitive-pawed pups. The rate of nail growth also increases with age, meaning older dogs require more regular nail maintenance.

Overgrown nails present a variety of health hazards. Foreign objects may become trapped under the nails, the length may cause difficulty walking, and longer nails increase your pet's risk of infection through breaking the skin whilst itching. Left unattended nails can even become ingrown, curling back into the foot pad and causing pain and potential for infection.

To avoid these nasty complications we recommend setting a regular grooming schedule that includes nail clipping and a nail check. If clipping at home, consult your regular groomer or veterinarian on the proper technique, as improper nail clipping can lead to infection or nail trauma. Additionally, regular walks on pavement or hard surfaces are an easy and natural way help to gently file your pet's nails.