Help Our Wildlife Beat The Heat!

Beat The Heat

In this blazing summer heat, dehydrated or distressed wildlife may seek shelter in your yard. We've compiled a few simple tips you can implement to make your yard more wildlife-friendly, and lend these friends a helping hand.

1. Secure your pet - Keep your pets indoors when possible, both to give them a break from the heat and protect smaller creatures who may seek shelter in your yard.

2. Leave out water for wildlife - Leave small dishes with fresh, cool water around your yard for parched wildlife. Place a stick or stone within the dish leading out as a safety ladder for smaller animals.

3. Provide shade - Create shade in your yard on hot days with a garden umbrella or other sturdy form of cover for weakened wildlife to rest under.

4. Check your yard for dangers - Keep your yard tidy and free of rubbish that could trap or be consumed by wildlife. Pool owners should regularly check their pools and skimmer boxes for animals who may have fallen in, and secure a ramp or pool float leading from the pool as a means of escape.