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Ummm, Let us start with a little introduction of Kaitlyn and Roger, the Sibling cats! We will be having a lot of their naughty moments, their personalities, the catfights, their happy, sad and ugly moments, their kitten days, their growing up and now their old age. Yes, Old age! They are in their senior years but OH BOY!!!!! Just can’t stop…. They have something different every day to keep themselves and all of us busy…. Oh yes…. I forgot to tell you earlier, they are our clinic cats for the past couple of years and they are the cutest, weirdest and funniest little companions. We will also discuss what food, weight (Kaitlyn was underweight and Roger was over) vaccination experience, and their experience of vet visits when they were not the clinic cats because, yes…. I am getting too emotional and excited to write all about them.

Okay, that’s enough of their plain description. Let’s meet them now!  

Meet Roger… The cheeky little King… Haha… He is the one who wants you to just give him the space he wants. And you know what his best place to hide in is??? It is the toilet!!!! Yes… He just likes it there… I believe it’s because of the privacy he gets… LOL! I do the same when I want to hide from my kid and life in general…. OMG!! I just can’t stop laughing now!!! And when he comes out of the shell…. HE IS THE CHASER… He will make sure he chases every little creature that he thinks is meat for him! And if he finds a toy…. Oh yeah, you would just want to take a pause and look at him play and just forget all the stress you had. Isn’t that what our pets do to us! They just make us feel so much better.

You just ruined it for me hooommmmmaaannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was giving other spots a try!!!!

This is Kaitlyn! I call her Kat the cat……



Kaitlyn, always says, focus on me you hoomannnn….. I am though the focus point!

Kaitlyn was adopted from the RSPCA where a friend (Therese) who worked at the RS was fostering a litter of under-age surrendered kittens. Paula’s partner at the time thought she had spunk which are the qualities Paula has and so bought Kaitlyn for Paula as her birthday present. (You and Kaitlyn, had a win-win Paula!) And there it all began! Kaitlyn and all of us were destined to meet each other and be part of each other’s lives. Kaitlyn was only 8 weeks old then, a cute little ginger furball… Haha… Happy, Crazy Fun… Few adjectives for Kaitlyn…

Some more photos for Kaitlyn and Roger….




With these siblings, we have learnt so much as cat owners and also about cat behaviour. No two cats are the same even if they are from the same litter. And with these two from different fur parents it’s a roller coaster. Stay tuned for more updates. We are going to have a lot for fun and also learning about being cat people. Ciao…


Now as we know them, let's go to their next step. Paula observed Kaitlyn and Roger being aggressive towards each other and at many occasions aggressive towards Paula.

One Roger was on a couch and Paula went to sit on the same couch. What happened next? Attacked by Kaitlyn. Why? What was it that was wrong? Was Kaitlyn on heat or something? Paula thought it to herself. And then she said, ‘But you are already desexed.’ What happened to the well-behaved cat? The one who loves cuddles and belly rubs and has always been lovely has now shown intense aggression.

As we all know to a certain level, aggression is not uncommon in cats. Dr Kiri says every alternate cat would show some or the other behaviour issues. Some or more prominent and some are subtle, however, they all tend to get growing with their issues if not contained with proper care and management. Cat behaviour issues are no laughing stock as that would not only hurt your other pets but also your family and yourself.

So, how do we know if some behaviour is more aggressive than others or just know what aggression is exactly and how does feline aggression look like?

Cats always show subtle body postures to let the owners or other animals know that they are not liking something that you are doing. If you don’t stop that, then there is a certain attack from your cat. The posture of your cat says a lot and it is how you can avoid an attack. Each warning is different and is dependent on the personality of your cat. A defensive cat may be too scared of a situation and that is why she attacks. At times you might not be her trigger but something around or some situation that traumatized the cat. In this situation, your cat might appear a bit smaller than she normally is. Some of the positions are crouching, flattened ears, turning away from you, hissing, etc.

The other more dangerous position is the offensive position. Oh boy! When Roger and Kaitlyn used to be aggressive we have seen them all puffed up, swollen red eyes staring at us and wanting to attack us straight away. Oh yeah and this time it is loud growling. SO, BEWARE OF CATS!!!!! As just like Roger and Kaitlyn, your cat may also want to jump on you or run towards you with lightning speed.

So what causes them to be so rough? What is it that triggers aggression in cats?
No cat likes to be trapped. If your cat has been trapped in some or the other way in the past it is a learned behaviour that scares the cat and that triggers aggression.

It is also possible that you trapped your cat or forced your cat to have medication and now she\he has learned that medication is going to cause pain and irritation, leading to aggression.

Just like a human being, if your cat is having any physical pain she\he can be snappy and frustrated. Especially with cats having infections, dental issues, arthritis or some trauma she\he is going through a lot and would not like to be touched or disturbed in any way and thus you may experience extreme aggression.

Your cat has been a King or Queen of the house for quite some time, but now you have suddenly decided to move or have introduced a new pet to the house and there is a possibility that there are lots of sharing now and everything single-handedly belonging to your cat is not more just theirs.

This is the fear of intrusion that causes the cats to be aggressive. Exactly what happened in the case of Kaitlyn and Roger. Paula dealt a lot of aggression and tantrum. LOL…. I am happy she did it…. I don’t have to do it now… HeHe!!

Oh yeah, another weird fact! Neither do cats like to have a routine? They need some change too. If you feel bored and frustrated with your routine just imagine your cat. Sitting in the same house, getting the same toys, no new exercise or fun and no new way to pat and cuddle them!! Oh, Damn…. Not good right. This is also another reason for them to get frustrated and aggressive.

Yet another weird fact is…. The sudden introduction of something that you don’t know at all. Like a Kangaroo getting into your house and suddenly your cat getting aggressive with you at the same time as it was intimidated by the Kangaroo and you are in complete shock as to what to do? Deal with the Roo and the Cranky Cat at the same time???

So what can be done when you have had such an experience? Our Vet Nurse Paula from her experience and Dr Kiri from her expertise are here with some relief tips.

1. Observe your cat. Cats would alert you of any disliked behaviour or incident.
2. Observe your cat’s pattern towards their toys, their food and water bowls, their litter box and the beds\ places where they sleep the most. If these are unclean and not up to human livable standards, definitely your cat won’t like it and would show it in his\her behaviour.
3. Make sure you keep your cat engaged with you as well. Only then you can have a better bonding and understanding of each other.
4. Remember, every cat is different. Their needs for exercise and toys would be different. Bengal cats are most different as they have a very strong hunting instinct.
5. If you can’t figure out what the issue, your vet is the one who would guide you through. The first point that the vet checks is the food, if your cat is getting enough or more or any other infection or joint pain or if there is an allergy or reaction to a medication and your cat would start from there.
6. If your cat needs a behaviour therapist, your vet would help you with their contact details.
7. Also, all the members of your family living with the cat must be knowing your and your cat’s needs.
8. The way you or your family member grabs\holds or cuddles your cat is also of importance to be observed as it can also be intimidating. Always make sure that you give a smooth pat to your cat and a very warm welcoming touch so that your cat feels safe and if not aggressive or unhappy.
9. More than the cat or the animal, it is us humans who have to observe our behaviour as we are the one who can make them happy or cranky.

So if your cat is as naughty as Kaitlyn and Roger and if you observe any aggression, we hope this read is going to be of help. Happy Reading! Next on Kaitlyn and Roger Blog: Why do cats sleep so much?